30 Years 🇧🇷 since SENNA lost 

30 years have past since one of the greatest ever racing drives that applied a throttle pedal was lost too soon 🏆🏆🏆 

Whatever your opinions and all the theories about that awful crash at Imola in 1994. The simple fact and bold truth is this man drew  fans into the sport and achieved so much.  Three titles  and 41wins the question mark will always hang what those stats could have been. The way he danced a car around in the wet and dry still to this day will educate our e gamers watching Ayrtons YouTube videos will amaze you. On a weekend that sadly saw Ratzenberger 🇦🇹 lose his life too this great sport grieved 🌍. Senna was fast fearless ruthlessly aggressive and talented beyond any others of his generation. Donington 1993 just watch start and opening lap Amen enough said. 

Forget driver moves this man’s next move could make Lewis or Fernando champion 🏆 🥇 

25 Championships to his name.

It is very simple this man from Colchester has more championships to his name than any other.

In our modern age of hybrid cars all he requires is a HB pencil to create his portrait. Throughout differing eras and numerous rules changes his vision and design prowess has kept him on top step of the podium.

Now after Red Bull dominance could the challenge of new pastures turn the great red donkey into a horse be real. Or would the iconic Aston be home to the master designer. Both would have great pull as well as sports car categories and road car influence that would take any of us car loving mortals there in heart beat.

I’m sure Lewis or Fernando would drive Adrain to Silverstone or Maranello tomorrow. One OAP 40 year old could be very grateful if he decides to leave the fizzy drink…..



Red Bull May hold him under house arrest…..

 10 Rule changes we need to spice the show….

Let’s go racing and FIA consider some these at your round table in Paris …. For 2025

More tyre manufacturers please or allow teams to pick their own for the season. This would bring back new element to performance and strategy at different tracks 

Bring back refuelling strategy would become interesting and fuel loads you qualified would lead some more variables in Grid line up

 Sort track limits varies at ever track fair weather fans don’t understand needs addressing, personally scrap them all together

More test days maybe at 8-10 tracks allowing testing on a Thursday before the event teams already set up just one rule a current driver for Grand Prix weekend cannot test. Help blood new talent

Allow more engine freedom in form of rpm and mapping with no restrictions remember the Williams days of BMW 21,000 rpm pure bliss

 Scrap FP 3 waste time and tyres go straight into qualifying on a Saturday or sprint format

Split Qualifying into two half slowest 10 and fastest 10. Then have super pole shot out top 5 from fastest 10 for super pole 

Increase weight limit for drivers simply won’t penalise taller bigger pilots

Get rid blue flags if your fast enough and lapping a back marker then do it show your skill and breeze into the distance

Allow unrestricted DRS use why just one or two straights most new fans don’t get it. If it’s on the car use or get rid of all together maybe that bring back proper unfiltered overtaking




4 DoWN  20 To Go
🇪🇸 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 

Having missed one race yet only less than one win off the lead of the Max train that’s in full dominance. This Spanish Bull could form a deeply competitive charge at this championship in an inferior prancing horse 🐎. His Alonso style grit and steel in his 3 races has been remarkable and by Imola if Ferrari can bring upgrades maybe with a hint of optimism the championship might have some healthy competition. In the form of Charles fast but fragile on occasions, Carlos is thrusting questions the monegasques way.  Charles one lap pace is brutal but an edge in form of anger at being dropped and personal pride will continue and come to the front in China and Miami with the smooth operator continuing to thrive. If only Lewis was showing this determination Carlos glass is half full while Lewis’s seem not only half empty but smashed. Carlos positively holding his head high 💪 



All Spanish 🇪🇸 line up at Aston Martin is close for 2025


Look here told you I’d push you to braking point … remember just tell Toto at your next pamper night if cars good next year I’m onboard 👍 

PS  jokes apart only worthy of quick mention George screwed up Alonso did nothing wrong God if George raced at Le Mans or any junior categories this is racing and masterful defensive driving from from Nano Amen 🙏 Imola 🇮🇹 x2 Singapore 🇸🇬 Australia 🇦🇺 George drops it like it hot on his own some, not cause he lost a bit downforce ……


Yuki stock rising looking solid …

Get Lawson in that RB …

Danny Ric is broken record you helmut…

K Mag love the aggression… 

Hulk underrated…

2025 musical chair coming soon

Who will be in out … who will arrive where

We predict soon …. Seats for 2025 🏆 

Max 🇳🇱 how good is he…

In Austin Max joins elite club 50 wins and counting, we are witnessing a great grow like it or not….

Opinion divides this still evergreen twenty six year old dutchman. Throughout 2023 his personal performances have been nothing short of supreme. Yet the question still lingers oh it’s cause he’s in a red bull. From yes the farcical events of 2021 showdown which Max still gets the brunt of chastisement, cause of poor refereeing from Mr Masi. 

His legacy is growing and the reason to date is because he is simply simply very fast…. Over the years and greats that live and lived the debates form. With x7🏆Schumacher better than Lewis probably yes Micheal never beaten to a title by teammate although Irvine could have 🫣 Fangio stands alone a great like Clark with a masterful record hard to compare from the days of pure speed and danger. Vettel better Prost never.  Seb peaked mid twenties and was a loose wheel to wheel racer. While Prost the master stayed razor until his 4 title and out. Then the x3🏆 club Senna okay going to say it Max with a similar love hate fan relationship is above the great man. Gone too soon and would possibly won more Max has a better killer Instinct. Stewart vs Brabham okay the Australian 🇦🇺  pure genius in an era where too many drivers fell. Lauda vs Piquet easy Niki hands down tenacity speed and pure fight beats the ever colourful Nelson. Max stats although not always the best measure eclipse all these warriors with the orange army only growing in 24. 

Track limits

FIA needs take control as average fan sick of Mickey Mouse track limits

Motorsports leading authority the FIA needs to take a long hard look at themselves as the grey areas or not so of keeping an F1 car on the black stuff (track) is becoming a joke. In the US the fans seem either annoyed or complete lost by the rules. Why don’t we just go back to the 90’s where run offs where gravel or grass, yes safety has improved for the better. But running 5mm over a kerb and exceeding track limits is getting a little daft at the pinnacle of our sport. Take parabolica in Italy nice tarmac apron every driver keeps their foot in track limits or not. The PlayStation generation has not helped but if they had kept gravel at least the risk over reward and track limits would not be as laughable as explaining the current affairs to friends in the pub. 

42 years young

Fernando Alonso

10 wins in row

Max Verstappen

1003 laps lead in 23

Max Verstappen


George Russell

Fast aggressive in 23 moments of promise take Qatar 🇶🇦 could have been so much more and Singapore 🇸🇬  heartache.

Missing in action or preparing a 2024 charge 🇬🇧🏆

100 races up now one brilliant win to his name. Is 23 going to be the making of this super fast competitive animal who is every inch a match for the great master Hamilton on his day. Like it or not 2024 will make or break this stars path. Mercedes should and will hopefully bring more to the party. In doing that after being for the best part of 23 out done by Lewis, George needs to become Mr Sunday. Or risk being a shadow. George has the tools aggression, speed, firm ability to compete and defend but like other pilots gone by. George needs to and I believe the errors of this year will make him more consistent. Lewis will always be a measure but with Max, Lando, Oscar and others gaining momentum George please stand up and challenge.


Carlos is he a Barrichello and a good number 2 or an Alonso tifosi bull in the making…….

Charles a master of speed like Kimi with a crown awaiting or a Massa close but no cigar……

which driver would win a title first if ever….

Let’s be clear on raw speed the only man capable of living with Max is Charles some of his 21 poles to date have been epic. Yet in races over the past 18 months the results have been just average to fair overall for many a reason. 

Carlos this year has been slow to start yet his Singapore 🇸🇬 win was pure class and his Monza drive equally impressive. His speed a match for Charles many a qualifying too.

Broken down next year by buoyant dreams of a Ferrari wining will they materialise. Okay if they do then let’s  exchange debate with our crystal ball. Charles hands down has the Saturday edge on qualifying over Carlos. A loose starter but overall would beat Carlos 6-7 out every race day. Although throughout his career silly errors creep in this rapid monegasque will one day achieve the ultimate 🏆. But will it be in the red horse….

Carlos strong in qualifying maybe not always eye catching more solid. In races over recent times I feel a Prost type or more so Alonso long game is his approach to the main race on Sunday. Resulting in a very consistent racer up until 4-5 races ago I never felt a championship would go back to Spain in his hands one day. After some of his displays maybe the foil armoury of his early days is turning to steel now.

Diagnosis Charles will be a champion of world in a kimi type way One day. Carlos more wins await but a title a bridge to far 10 wins at best in his career. Go prove us wrong both in 2024………

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